Winter 2019 | Design + Build Quarterly Ventura County

Overview of the Region

The winter quarter has had a rough start for the construction industry of Ventura County. General Contractors from Thousand Oaks to Ventura have been struggling to predict the unreal weather systems that have berated Ventura County for the last few months. The rain is a blessing and a curse. Of course, we at Nu-Line Partners are “green thinking” and the rains have help negate the long drought in California, especially in Ventura County. Although, being General Contractor’s, our business relies on construction and being outside against the elements. Storms and heavy rain can delay projects for weeks. For our active projects this means battening down the hatches, storing material and drying out until that Ventura sunshine returns. Due to the heavy rains, we have focused on interior tenant improvement projects, office remodel’s, and interior redevelopments throughout Ventura County.

Design + Build Trends - Open Office Concept…Mixed Use Boom…and Breweries!

We took a trip this January to a couple awesome buildings in Los Angeles. We noticed that the office design is becoming even simpler than it has been. Firms are cutting costs by creating functional spaces with little wall build out. The open concept-high ceiling-concrete floor regime rules supreme in the world of commercial office space. As far as cutting edge design, we are seeing spaces with very simple finishes and infrastructure, but high design conference rooms, break rooms, restrooms, and kitchenette. Glass accordion doors are becoming very popular in multi-purpose conference rooms. Every office wants a roll up door, concrete walls, bright white interiors, cool kitchen tile, and a beer tap in their break room. What’s not to love about this era of office design?

The building boom is here to stay. We here at NLP have been busy! (But never too busy for more projects!) We have seen a lot of Mixed Use Development construction come across our desk. We just finished an awesome mixed use project in Ojai, which was a 6000 SF redevelopment. We turned an old print shop building into a hip Ojai live+work. Check out 111 N. Blanche on our projects page here. —Back to the BOOM! Like we were saying, the construction industry is booming with multifamily construction, mixed use construction and residential construction. Ventura County is trying to catch up to other regions in California by mandating residential construction. Camarillo’s Springville developments are pumping out housing tracts and multifamily construction developments by the month! Oxnard’s Collection and Wagonwheel projects are also full speed ahead. In Ventura we are seeing multiple construction projects come to life. Ventura’s master plan has some amazing projects on the horizon. We are involved in some awesome mixed used development projects that are coming soon… and we are beyond stoked!

Our 111 N. Blanche Project finished this January 2019!

Our 111 N. Blanche Project finished this January 2019!

Holy Brewery! It seems like every day we are getting calls or emails on brewery construction projects in Ventura County. From Thousand Oaks and Camarillo to Ventura and Santa Barbara…breweries, craft cocktails and hip pubs are sprouting up like clovers. We recently tried out the new Topa Topa in Ojai and we were beyond impressed. Brewery Construction parallels our “Ventooklyn” style (see what we did there?) …. Brick walls, Concrete Floors, Wood Trusses… we love this look! We are stoked to be in Ventura County and building awesome spaces for our brewers and businesses!

Stay tuned for more!