Spring 2019 | Design + Build Quarterly Ventura

Overview of the Region in SPRING!

Spring has sprung in Ventura County.. and the hills are alive! Super blooms and AMAZING greenery has covered our hillsides from Thousand Oaks to Ojai. After a tremendous amount of rainfall this year…(Which also took us out of the drought..yay!) the sunshine has returned to the Central Coast. Check out some of these awesome hillside photos we took!


The good weather equals good conditions for construction. Ground up construction projects are back in full force and effect! We have two ground up projects going vertical in Ventura County. Here are a couple shots from our projects!


Office Trends Spring 2019 - Centralizing the Office…Millennial Design

Many companies recognize the value of creating a centralized work community. We’ve seen several office consolidations and moves to take advantage of new technologies and having all employees under one roof or within one central location or city. We have also seen designs that will have a massive "super floor" that spans across buildings either on a mezzanine or second story to provide multi-functional amenities and a centralized community space.

Because the current workforce is composed of four distinct generations—each with its unique needs, preferences, and values—office designers are building flexibility into the spaces they create.

Millennials and Gen Y employees are digital natives who prefer a work environment where they can choose how, where, and with whom they work and collaborate, while individual space keeps getting smaller, a new menu of custom-designed spaces and activities is on the rise.

Break area @ The Trade Desk Ventura. Built by NLP

Break area @ The Trade Desk Ventura. Built by NLP

To meet the varying preferences of a multi-generational workforce, designers recognize they must first understand the user experience. We have seen all to often an office space that looks amazing on paper but lacks in functionality. How do we at Nu-Line Partners solve this? We want to be on-board early on to offer constructability and feasibility of the design. We are not only general contractors, but design-builders. A prime example of this process is NLP’s Trade Desk project in Ventura. The project was heavily vetted through meetings between the office staff, the design team and the builders (NLP). In this design-build collab format, we were able to assist in the design and offer alternatives for functionality.

Because work, live, and play are no longer considered distinct activities, companies need to design their space to support every activity, including socializing, learning, and community building. This affects everything from how we think about work and co-working to mobility and buying trends, all of which can make a tremendous impact on how we approach and deliver a project.

The Trade Desk Ventura. Built by NLP

The Trade Desk Ventura. Built by NLP

Springtime Outings 2019

This spring we had the opportunity to check out the Salk Institute in La Jolla! This famed research institution built in 1960 and named after Jonas Salk (who found a cure for polio…NBD!) has amazing brutal/modern design features. The massive concrete walls have stood the test of time and create a beautiful backdrop for students an visitors.